December 1:  Use futures carry and market rallies to market your corn crop.  Don't count on massive cash rallies due to weather problems to rescue your marketing plan.  Our huge supply again outtrumps good demand.  Look at per acre costs and revenues rather than per bushel. 

August 8    If you have old crop grain, let's discuss your options.

 MaY 22   Flooded Rivers have stifled the markets and kept the basis on the defensive.  Hoping for a little more basis improvment when the rivers return to normal, but doubt we will be that lucky.  Lots of corn to move to market before harvest and less time to accomplish this feat.  I imagine the basis will widen with time.  Or if there is a weather ralley (hopefully) the basis will widen then. 

 March 31     Acreage Report    BIG Report    eight years out of ten this report is a market mover       I think farmers should have some new crop sold before this report. 

 March 19      Posted Prices:   Galva -11K    WBurl -11K     Burl -12.5K     Peoria -7K   Pekin -4K    Adair -26K    Havana -5K deferred prices are around a penny per month. 

   February 26    I urge farmers to continue to watch SX around $10 and consider cash flow.   Farmers continue to watch new corn expecting a weather rally.  I hope they will act if it gets here.  I guess our market could be described as great supply overwhelming good demand.  Posted Prices:  Galva -11H   WBurl -7H   Peoria -1H   Pekin +1H   Adair -19H   Havana +2H   Hopefully Mississippi River opening could help.    

 February 17  2017   old soybeans basis keeps creeping in.  I don't look for a great improvement  We have purchase a number of bushels of new soybeans and i think the producers will like these contracts come fall.  Old corn hasn't improved.  Higher prices have kept cash grain moving.   Galva -11H   W Burl -11H  Peoria -4H  Pekin -2H  Adair -20H  Havana +1H  Mississippi River might open sooner than I expected 

 February 12 2017    old soybean basis is creeping in (narrowing) but still dismall.   old corn:  cash selling has been the dominating the marketplace  widening the basis significantly.  I no longer advise using basis contracts to empty your bins.      Old corn nearby basis: Galva -10H;  W Burl -11H; Havana -10H;  Peoria -4H;  Pekin -6H; Adair -29H; 

 January 28  2017   Old soybeans have as wide a basis  (non harvest) as I can remember.  Still $10 is not a bad price with as good as yields as we had locally.  Some traders look for no improvement as the logistics on huge numbers from both North and South America do not support narrowing.                 New soybeans are still $10 range.   I doubt harvest will show $10 if North and or South American yields are not dismall!!

Old Corn Feb Basis:  Galva-4H ; W Burl -9H ; Havana -1H ; Peoria+3H ; Pekin +2H ; Adair -21H      I hope I am wrong but I don't forsee a lot of improvement (last year I traded peoria/pekin +13H)  If basis has peaked but you don't like the price, use a basis contract to empty your bins before planting season              New Corn I am hoping for a weather rally             

 January 7,  2017   Happy New Yearsoybean basis still wide while futures have retreated  Hearing rumors of forecasters predicting $6 soybeans by JulyDelivered January corn basis: Galva -7H  West Burl -11H  Havana -2H  Peoria +2H  Pekin +3H Adair -23HIf soybeans are $6 in July, where does that put corn???  Is your marketing plan set to deal with such a setback?December 26  2016Delivered January corn basis:  Galva -7H     West Burl -11H     Havana -5H   Peoria -2H     Pekin 0H   Adair -25HDelivered February corn basis:  Galva -5H   West Burl  -9H      Havana -2H    Peoria -1H   Pekin +1H  Adair -23H

December 17  2016 nearby soybean basis has improved. Look for opportunities to convert beans into cash. CBoT ownership is cheaper if you desire to own beans.  Consider selling 2017 crop soybeans.  Use HTA if you aren't comfortable with new crop basis.  Near $10 prices might look good if SA crops are bumper and our soybean acres increase.

Delivered January corn basis:   Galva -7H   West Burl -12H   Havana -4H   Peoria -3H   Pekin -1H    Basis could improve if farmers continue to keep corn off the market and the futures market doesn't improve

 November 26  2016

soybean basis way wide.   don't sell cash soybeans

corn December cash basis decent enough to start and core bins

pekin +6z     peoira +5z    galva -5z  wburl -8z

 November 20  2016

Sell direct corn to Pekin @ +5z basis, much better than -10z v@ galva or wburl

Dec and Jan soybean basis has deteriorated so not much carry

Use basis to move grain out of bins.

Use board to determine price level

November 12  2016   Corn

Wide nearby basis although improving keeps desirable cash sales out to December.

Watch basis @ Pekin, Peoria 

Galva and WBurl sadly lacking

Futures are $1 off the June ralley highs

Use HTA, min price, etc to capture carry  CZ:CN=24 cents

Last year basis pattern might hold true this year. Early basis sales in Dec Jan Feb were as good as it got


Nearby basis has improved from gutslot harvest lows with small carry for deferred

Futures are $2 off the June ralley Highs, not surprising given yields!

Futures carry SF:SN=22 cents not as valuable

Nearby basis not significant differences at most locations

Exports need to continue to absorb this bumper crop