Cheese - Midwest

     Cheese - Midwestern U.S.

     Report 24 - Released on June 13, 2018

     Midwestern process cheesemakers relay demand is up one week, down the next. Grilling season
     has done little to quell irregular buying. Italian cheesemakers report a bit more steadiness
     regarding orders. Cheese curd sales are positive, and cheesemakers have shifted production
     schedules to produce curds over slower selling varieties. Milk discounts remain for those
     cheesemakers who are open to the spot market. Offers increased this week, and some plant
     managers relayed that options were coming in from a larger group of milk handlers. Spot milk
     prices ranged from $1.50 to $3.50 under Class. Cheese production varies from plant to plant.
     Some producers have been running all week, while others have reduced production down to four
     days from five. With upcoming trade and tariff concerns, Midwestern cheesemakers are aware,
     but not anxious, about the health of the overall cheese market.

     The DMN National Retail Report-Dairy shows that June 8-14 Midwest ads for 8 ounce shred
     cheese have a weighted average advertised price of $2.31, 2 cents below the national
     average. Midwest prices range from $1.79-$3.00. One year ago, the national price was $2.37.
     For 8 ounce blocks, the Midwest average price is $2.25, 12 cents above the national average
     price. Midwest ads are priced from $1.29-$3.00. Last year, the national price was $2.41.

     Midwestern wholesale prices are unchanged for Swiss Cuts, down $.0225 for process and down
     $.0125 for other types.

     Blue 5 pounds                       2.2275-3.2150
     Cheddar 40 pound Block              1.6875-2.0825
     Monterey Jack 10 pounds             1.9350-2.1400
     Mozzarella 5-6 pounds               1.7600-2.7000
     Muenster 5 pounds                   1.9600-2.3850
     Process American 5 pound Loaf       1.6125-1.9725
     Swiss 6-9 pound Cuts                2.5450-2.6625

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